Are You Tired of Doing Good?

Are You Tired of Doing Good?


Have you ever felt like you failed at something you tried really hard to do a good job with? Not just a project for school or work, but something that connected to who you are and the legacy you wanted to leave. It's heart-shattering.

Ever since my children were young I've wanted to raise them right and be a loving family. And I believe to the depth of my soul that I've tried. Most days I feel like I'm winning. My kids and home are far from perfect, but I know they know I love them and I work really hard to be present with them. I listen, hug, provide counsel and support. I encourage and build up. I discipline with love. I pray earnestly for them to see God and want to develop a relationship with Him of their own. I even pray that their relationship with God supersedes my own one day.
But then a day comes when I see that my kids don't really want to spend time together as a family. I see that they would rather spend time with their own friends. I tell myself this is a teenage thing, which it probably is, but it still hurts. I see the selfishness and entitled behavior and it's ugly. I've worked so hard to model and love with God's love for both my children; and they receive it, somedays more gratefully than others, but they don't seem to want to share it with each other. I look back into our family's history and wonder if I didn't spend enough time defining our family as a whole. Did I not model enough the loving of each other? They see and understand the path of love from me to them, but the roads to each other are dark.
The realization of this one afternoon left me in tears. I felt like a failure. I cried out to God and He showed me something precious.

Galatians 6:9
So let's not get tired of doing what is good. At the right time we will reap a harvest of blessing if we don't give up.

Those words helped me remember that my dream is not done. I must have faith and continue loving with God's love. I will reap this harvest of blessing. My kids will love each other and love our God. God promised blessing upon the children of those who love Him and I will hold onto this promise.
Where do you feel like a failure? Don't give up. Get back up. Lean into God. Use His strength and receive His comfort. You will reap a harvest of blessing at the right time. You're not done, and neither is your God.

Written by Carolyn Vu, siHi leader and Christ follower

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