Ericka Charbonnet

Ericka grew up in a Christian home in California where both of her parents were leaders in the church. Even at a very young age, she lacked confidence and self-worth. At the age of 12, her parents split up, which opened the door to years of pain, low self-esteem and periods of destructive behavior. She felt she was not important to God, and found her identity through men and what others thought about her. Believing these lies pushed Ericka away from God.

During this period, Ericka became passionate about fitness and got involved in the industry. She quickly sensed that something was missing within herself and others with reference to becoming truly healthy. Shortly thereafter, God got ahold of Ericka, healed and transformed her life. He revealed her true identity and worth in Him. She began to understand that she was made in His image and was His masterpiece!

Due to her life-journey, Ericka's passions and personal mission statement lie within these Scriptures: In Isaiah 61, God calls us to rebuild, repair and revive the ancient ruins and destruction of our lives. 3 John 1:2 speaks about prospering in health and in spirit.

Stacey Williams

Stacey grew up in a small town in South Carolina. Her parents were wonderful examples of Christ and led her to a personal relationship with Jesus at the age of eight. While playing sports throughout high school, she learned the best way to succeed was through teamwork, physical fitness, emotional control and a good attitude.

In college, Stacey was a cheerleader for one year then changed schools and began teaching aerobics at a gym. She found many of her friends and clients were women who, like herself, lived with insecurity and searched for anything that would make them feel beautiful and important. She graduated with a BS in Exercise Science and immediately tested for her Personal Trainer Certification so she could begin her dream job. She quickly discovered that no matter how much someone changed physically, unless they were willing to make an internal change, they would never be completely satisfied with themselves. Stacey continued to see a real need for a spiritual, physical, and emotional transformation to be implemented in order to experience a true life change and contentment. She dreamed and longed to make this happen and began to write ideas and pray over this desire.

Stacey’s husband took a job that moved her and her two sons across the country to Southern California. With both the comforts and distractions of "home" gone, God opened her eyes and heart and led her to meet a dear friend and partner in ministry, Ericka Goodrich who had the same dream and vision placed in her heart. God had orchestrated a partnership from across the US. This is where Stepping Into His Image was formed.